Web Stories plugin for WordPress: Week 39 in SEO

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The SEO story of week 39, 2020 is that Google launched Web Stories plugin for the most popular website platform in the world, WordPress.

Google launched its own Web Stories plugin for WordPress (no need for AMP)

For all WordPress users out there, Google Web Stories is now an official plugin in the WordPress Plugin Repository that makes websites way cooler. The basic (great!) idea is that now it’s much easier to create web stories in order to attract new visitors.

web stories plugin wordpress

What are Google Web Stories?

Google created initially Web Stories for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), but now it works even without AMP. Just like Vines, it is meant to compress engaging visual content into small formats.

Some people call them “content snacks”, as you can consume them on the go. It sounds quite cool, too.

Now any WordPress website can feature Web Stories to target mobile users, which seem to have a shorter attention span than desktop users as they use their mobiles on the go (e.g. during commuting), or multitasking (e.g. eating occasions).

Web Stories content requirements

  • Web Stories can have different pages but of a maximum of 10 words.
  • Recommended page size: between 4 to 30 pages.
  • All videos must have captions.
  • Font size should be a minimum of 24.
  • 200 words maximum page text length.
  • Content can be monetized via affiliate links and other eCommerce tools.

What audience is targeting Google with Web Stories?

Web Stories are meant to be consumed by mobile users who want to consume content at ease. Google describes the typical content consumer as someone on a subway or having lunch.

How to test Web Stories implementation

Google has prepared a special tool to check whether a Web Story is valid.

Link here: Web Stories Google Test Tool

What is the advantage of using the Web Stories plugin?

The plugin includes cool features such as drag&drop, so it’s much easier to get a web story published correctly. It offers flexible layout templates, sharing features, and standardized UI controllers.

Additionally, the new Web Stories plugin is friendly with analytics and allows easy monetization, including affiliate links.

Last but not least, I’d say that they add engagement value to the mobile website.

Requirements to install Web Stories WordPress plugin

Update your WordPress version to at least 5.3.1., PHP to version 5.6 and you’ll be able to install it from the WordPress repository.

Additional resources

Find out more about Web Stories: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/enable-web-stories

Read more about the plugin here: https://blog.google/web-creators/create-compelling-web-stories-wordpress/

WordPress plugin page: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/web-stories/