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Stefan Stroe – Quick intro about me

Stefan Stroe

My name is Stefan Stroe, currently working and living in Warsaw, Poland but I was born in Bucharest, Romania. My international experience includes the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Romania.

In 2018 I decided to focus my marketing career on working in healthcare marketing across Europe, including here brand strategy, big data marketing, eCommerce, SEO, digital marketing, and content marketing.

Currently, I am Marketing & Communications Director for medneo, a European radiology services platform present in Germany and the UK that offers radiological examinations to doctors, hospitals, and research institutions as a service.

Previously I had regional senior roles in Medicover diagnostic services and executive marketing for Synevo medical laboratories.

Before healthcare, my resumé includes a decade in the advertising industry, and another decade as a marketing entrepreneur, university professor, MBA Associated Professor, and NGO leader.

I believe in the idea that a meaningful life is a creative one and that every human should take advantage that he/she can learn a good new thing every day. For more details about me, please click the button below.

Location + Contact

Based in Warsaw
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Contact me at
writeme [at] stefanstroe [.] com