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Mallnitz photo Mallnitz: On the road again Jul 25 | 2019 by Stroe Stefan
Weiker-Jewelry Into Weiker’s jewelery workshop Feb 02 | 2019 by Stroe Stefan
Jagger Starfish Dancing starfish May 10 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
Hidden Frog A frog’s resurrection May 08 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
Lava Pig Lava piggy: Extreme sunburn May 08 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
Bug A bug’s Swedish buffet May 07 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
Romanian Priest Wood Knock Drumming practice pad May 07 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
Praying Mantle Praying mantis lunch time May 07 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
Tornado I am a tornado May 06 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
Afgan Girl Afgan girl: Time lapse May 06 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
Frog on the fence Frog wisdom May 06 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan
National Museum Aztec coolness May 06 | 2018 by Stroe Stefan

Stefan Stroe – Quick intro about me

Stefan Stroe strategie

My name is Stefan Stroe, I am a Romanian born in Bucharest, but currently living in Prague (CZ). Before I lived and worked for 2 years in Sofia (BG), which was my first international experience outside Romania.

I work with Medicover Diagnostic Services division managing the International Digital Marketing team.  I am responsible for eCommerce, SEO, Digital Marketing, Content strategies and Websites, covering 10 European countries. My first role in Medicover was Marketing Director for Synevo Bulgaria medical laboratories.

My CV includes several amazing professional stages in the advertising industry, as a marketing entrepreneur,  as a university and MBA associated professor, but also getting involved in several Romanian NGOs.

I believe in the idea that a meaningful life is a creative one and that every human should take advantage that he/she can learn a good new thing every day. For more details about me, please click the button below.

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Based in Warsaw
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Contact me at
writeme [at] stefanstroe [.] com
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