regionsAllowed structured data: Week 38 in SEO

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Week 38 has been more quiet than average on SEO headlines. However, an important story is that Google introduced regional indexing support for videos, which is very useful for multinational content publishers.

Google introduced regionsAllowed Structured Data

Google launched a new structure of the property for videos. In structured data markup for VideoObject type, users can specify the regions where the video should be displayed for. This way Google or other search engines that are using structured data markup, can hide specific videos from users in certain regions.

regionsAllowed youtube seo for beginners

What types of search results are affected by regionsAllowed structured data?

  • Google Discover
  • Text search results
  • Video search results
  • Google Images search results

What happens if you do not specify the regions allowedStructured data?

Well in this case Google says that they will assume that the video should be displayed everywhere. Also, they mention that the country format should follow ISO 3166 formats.

Do I have to use regionsAllowed for all videos?

The answer is no. regionsAllowed structured data property is recommended, not mandatory, so VideoObject structured data will not be affected if you don’t narrow the regions for your videos.

Do you want to know more about this type of structured data?

Checkout the VideoObject documentation here: