Cloudflare caching for WordPress: Week 40 in SEO

This week, I selected another top story, very useful for millions of WordPress users struggling with sluggish websites. An older friend of this website, Cloudflare, launched a 5$ caching support for WordPress sites.

Cloudflare caching for WordPress

Cloudflare announced this week that WordPress websites now can improve their speed double-digit (some say with up to 72% for Time to First Byte).  The service is called Automatic Platform Optimization (APO) and the speed includes besides TFB improvement also 23% improvement for  Largest Contentful Paint.

The solution is extremely useful for publishers that have websites hosted on shared servers (slower), and which also care about their users’ experience.

cloudflare caching wordpress

Pricing of Cloudflare APO caching for WordPress

For free users, the cost is $5/month, while Cloudflare Pro and Business users can use it for free.

As a former Cloudflare user, I’d say it’s a great bargain if you are on a short hosting budget.

How to use APO with Cloudflare WordPress Plugin

  1. Install and activate the plugin from the WordPress repository
  2. Create an API Token in your Cloudflare account, using WordPress choice
  3. Grant the plugin access to use Cloudflare APO
  4. Copy the API Token from Cloudflare and paste it into Cloudflare plugin settings
  5. Add your email and login

Read more about Cloudflare caching for WordPress & APO:


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