Creative Brief template #1 (how to solve a Big Issue)

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This Creative Brief template is focused on A Big Issue that the agency identifies by analyzing the Client Brief.

At the start, the Client Brief highlights only the main marketing objective. Transposing that specific goal into communication barriers is usually a task for the agency’s Strategic department to solve.

Later, after narrowing down the Big Issue search, the agency usually agrees with the client during a Debriefing session what is the main issue emerging from that brief. Agreeing on the Big Issue gives the Creative team green light to dramatize creatively the Core Strategic Idea.

Why is useful a Creative Brief template focused on A Big Issue?

From my experience, in almost any campaign, there are several communication challenges (objectives, competitive threats, brand weaknesses, etcetera), but a campaign cannot address all simultaneously.

These top challenges must be first identified, analysed, prioritised. After this first analysis, the team needs to decide which are more likely to be solved via communication.

Whether the selected Big Issue is related to brand awareness (e.g. launching a new brand or brand extension in an overcrowded market) or fixing a brand’s image, this variant of Creative Brief will help a team focus on solving the main communication challenge.

Top features of The Issue-Focused Creative Brief:

  1. Focus: The Biggest Communication Issue
  2. Length: Max one page and a half
  3. Workflow: Requires Debriefing with Client
  4. Useful for: Advertising agencies


Template #1: The Issue-Focused Creative Brief

This model of Creative Brief is medium-sized and focuses on the Biggest communication Issue. Through its structure and content, it gives more authority to the Account Manager or the Strategic Planner that is in charge of the job.

Job no.:




Brief responsible:

Creative manager:

Campaign name:


What is the Big (main) Issue we have to solve?

Who is the target group and how do they relate to the Big Issue?

How could we solve the Big Issue fast through communication?

Core message:

Creative potential check (transpose the Core Message in a short mockup ad):

Other details to keep in mind:


When to use this type of Creative Brief

  • When there are more marketing challenges in the Client Brief
  • When the client-company is open to have a Debriefing
  • If the creative team agrees a problem-solving approach


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