Google Analytics Insights: Week 26 in SEO

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Week 26 hasn’t been that generous with SEO updates, although online marketing looks like business as usual. To this time I have selected only two important news:

site speed

Google Analytics insights will finally arrive in Google Search Console

According to unofficial sources, soon we’ll be able to see Google Analytics data into Google Search Console.

This is a great integration, long waited for heavy users of Google website analytics and probably it’s going to affect some SEO tools providers such as Semrush, which currently offer this type of integrations into one dashboard. Another benefit of this data display will be that we’ll use less Google Data Studio to gather data from these separate measurement systems.

Last but not least, I think that we’ll have to spend less time checking organic data insights and it’ll allow us to perform more organic traffic data segmentation.

What analytics should we expect to see in Google Search Console according to current rumors?

  • Pageviews.
  • Average time spent.
  • Traffic volumes split on sources (organic, direct, social).
    • Social media channels will be detailed into platforms.
  • Top referrers.

A new tool to measure User Experience:

Microsoft Clarity: All features, price, how to install & activate

Deloitte 2020 page speed study

How much revenue can a mobile site generate by loading faster with 0.1 seconds?

The famous company performed a study they called “Milliseconds Make Millions”, for which they gathered both page loading speed data and eCommerce performance in retail, travel, luxury, and lead generation brands, covering business in both Europe and the US.

Deloitte’s study findings

The main conclusions, after isolating the 0.1 seconds page load speed improvement were the following:

  • There is a direct correlation between mobile website site speed load and conversion rate.
  • Conversions increased by 8.4% for retail businesses.
  • The average order value increased by 9.2%.
  • Lead-generation pages bounce rate improved by 8.3%.