Rich Results for Home Activities – Week 36 in SEO

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Week 36, 2020 has brought two interesting news, one which addresses Rich Results for Home Activities and another regarding Licensable badges in Google Image Search.

Rich Results for Home Activities

Google launched support for Home Activities via Rich Results that support online events.

rich results home activities

This is good news for yoga, martial arts, dance, or gym business that are producing video content.

Important to know that currently Rich Results for Home Activities works only on mobile devices and results show or not depending on geographical area.

The structured data properties for Rich Results for Home Activities are:

  • publication (date of live stream)
  • publication.endDate
  • publication.isLiveBroadcast
  • publication.startDate

The announcement regarding Rich Results for Home Activities:

Events must be virtual events, not physical events. In the Event structured data, make sure to: Set eventAttendanceMode to OnlineEventAttendanceMode. Use the VirtualLocation type for the location property. Add the location.url property. Specify the correct timezone. Because there’s no physical location to verify the correct time, setting the right timezone is critical for online events. For videos, focus on adding the description and duration properties, as these help Google understand what the video is about. If your video is an upcoming live stream you can add both types of markup (Video and Event), but you don’t have to. However, if you use Video markup for the live stream, we recommended adding the BroadcastEvent properties and following the LIVE badge guidelines.

Google Image Search results display “Licensable” badges

For those of you that want to find great licensed images directly from Google Image Search, Google now displays a badge and a link from where the images can be bought, depending of course if the owner of the image declared on its page this information.

The declaration of image owners must be provided via metadata, and the implementation of the markup can be checked via the new Rich Results tool.

The announcement regarding Google Image Search “Licensable” badges:

“… with a seemingly infinite number of images online, finding the right image to use, and knowing how to use that image responsibly, isn’t always a simple task. After collaborating closely with image creators, stock image providers and digital content associations, we’re launching several new features on Google Images to address this need.”