Test Rich Results: Week 28 in SEO

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Howdy there! I hope your summer holiday didn’t make you miss too many weeks of blogging and updates. But no worries, I am reviewing all sources so you can also keep up with them.

SEO data showed that Week 28 was very interesting in terms of traffic and updates. Here are the most important stories of the past seven days:

Google Rich Results free testing tool is now live

Are you interested in mastering technical SEO? Then you know that website data needs to be structured properly according to top search engine requirements. For this reason, you should always test a new page format or page template with Google’s new Rich Results Test tool.

On July 7, 2020, Google announced a new version of this tool. This is an important update because until now we only knew that Google will be deprecating the existing Structured Data Testing Tool.

Here are its top features:

  • Shows what search enhancements are valid;
  • Handles better dynamic data in the pages;
  • Both mobile and desktop versions are rendered (you can see for each a print screen);
  • Full compliance with Google Search Console

Try the tool here.

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