An introduction to shopper marketing – Definition, role and insights

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It is critical to understand why shoppers decide to choose a brand over another and here comes into play shopper marketing, a dedicated area in the marketing field where undoubtedly customer is the king.

shopper marketing introduction

What is shopper marketing?

Shopper marketing is a sum of activities performed by companies in order to increase retail revenue through the usage of shopper insights.

In shopper marketing, we discuss less about customers and more about shoppers and buyers.

The role of shopper marketing

While the role of advertising is to turn prospects into consumers, and the role of sales promotion is to transform consumers into shoppers, the role of shopper marketing is to turn shoppers into buyers.

Why is shopper marketing important?

A successful retail business – whether it’s online or in brick and mortar locations – lies in the hands of its customers and shoppers.

Understanding why shoppers make certain choices and decisions is critical in converting them into buyers and loyalists.

The guide on shopper marketing, insights and strategies

The shoppers in marketing

There are different categories of shoppers in retail stores, and each one of them plays an important role in the overall retail ecosystem.

The most important challenges in shopper marketing are to identify the most valuable shoppers or buyer persona and to build strategies that can influence their buying decisions.

Shopper insights

Shopper marketing deals with a high number of variables. There are many types of products and services that a shopper may buy from your locations or online store, in different quantities for various reasons.

The strategy and research team from a shopper marketing agency usually has the role to identify the underlying motivation, the impulse triggers but also deeper behavioural shopper insights.

When do shopper insights matter?

In the sales business, every minute matters, even if the customers are not visiting the online store or brick and mortar locations.

Understanding how people plan their shopping, how they prepare to buy, what happens in their “black box” in terms of decision-making, will positively impact your company’s revenue and profitability.

In order to influence a shopper’s behaviour, the marketing team needs to perform an X-ray of the entire purchasing cycle, including how people evaluate the decisions.