Mobile-first indexing, SEO gender gap: Week 30 in SEO

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During Week 30 of 2020, I ran into lots of interesting updates, but after filtering the “official sources”, I kept four top highlights that are surely interesting for people dealing with SEO topics.

Google webmasters: Prepare for mobile-first indexing

Google shared on its Webmaster blog more insights on how to prepare for mobile-first indexing, announced to be launched March 2021.

Here are the top 3 rules for mobile-first indexing:

  • Check that Googlebot can parse the content of your pages;
  • Verify that primary content is the same on desktop and mobile;
  • Ensure multimedia (images and videos) are of good quality.

Read all the details here.

Google Search Console: News tab filtering

Thanks to their persistent research, SEO managers have one more criterion to filter their Google Search results alongside Web, Image and Video options, because Google added a News filtering in their Google Search Console.

See how to use the filter in the image below:

News Google Search Console

Bing WordPress plugin helps you index your content instantly

In case you own a WordPress site and you pay attention to the traffic coming from Bing, I recommend you to install their new WordPress plugin.

Installation is simple, and activation can be done from your Bing Webmasters page, creating a 32-characters API key. Once activated, the plugin will submit new posts to Bing Index.

Check out the free Bing WordPress plugin on the Bing blog.

Study: The gender gap in the SEO industry

On August 24th, announced the results of a survey performed by Nord Star Inbound called State of SEO 2020, which covered 652 professionals in 51 countries. Although the statistical sample distribution wasn’t ideal, the topline results are interesting.

The study concluded that the Men: Women ratio was 2:1,  maintaining almost the same as other similar studies that were completed in 2013 and 2015.

Additionally, the best-paid professionals are the SEO technical experts, so if you want to make more bucks in this industry, that’s the best (and hardest) choice.

Read more details here.