Clubhouse app features, explained (2021)

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Since its launch, Clubhouse has been one of the fastest-growing apps for mobile devices in the world, with over 10 million users worldwide. Clubhouse app features and the original social media marketing concept it carries are its keys to success.

What are Clubhouse app features?

Like most app developers, the company releases periodical updates with new features and fixes. Beyond these features, there are also empirical rules, which I covered in a previous article about Clubhouse rules.

Here are Clubhouse app top features, listed in a reversed chronological launch order:

  • Clubhouse Payments

The application went public in April 2021 with a monetization strategy for Clubhouse creators.

Regular users will have the option to send payments to Clubhouse creators, so the app will be able to register and store credit card details. If you wonder about the costs of each transaction, clubhouse representatives said that a processing fee will be retained by Stripe payment gateway. However, Clubhouse will not receive any amount of these payments, payment going directly to creators.

  • Activity Feed

The stacked activity feed helps users to manage easier the growing list of notifications, which from my point of you is currently a bit spammy, so the fact that this Clubhouse app feature has the option to show the first top-three notifications instead of the whole list is really great.

clubhouse app features rooms list

  • Link/URL shared on your profile

For users that want to share a link on their clubhouse profile Clubhouse offers a dedicated feature. You can share your blog URL, social media links, or your company’s website.

  • Language filters

Because the app is about conversations in a certain language and as Clubhouse became an international phenomenon, the company added a filtering function inside the app. This function allows users two choose rooms in languages they understand.

  • Sending invitations feature for clubs

When clubhouse was launched users could be invited only by other users, but recently the company has added the function for clubs to send invitations on their behalf. The advantage of this feature is targeting the club owners which can grow easier their user base.

  • Invitations sent for phone numbers

This feature is very useful for cases when contacts are not well organized in a database.

  • Reporting feature for interrupters

Any social media platform has trolls, so Clubhouse app developers added a reporting feature to block people that disrupt conversations. Based on this reporting there is the possibility to deactivate accounts of interrupters from the app.

A previous version of this feature allows room moderators to report a user that has already left the respective room.

In order to remove a troll, a moderator has the option to long press on the respective user’s profile photo and report.

  • Create a club

People join Clubhouse app for two reasons, to listen and to organize talks. For the latter group, the app features the popular function to create their own club(s) or by tapping on the “+” button.

  • Quality audio

Clubhouse is about listening and voice conversations so the quality of the audio is highly important. In the app, the users have the option to switch the audio quality from High or Standard or vice-versa.

  • Share URLs in a room

While you participate in a room discussion you can tap the “+” button and be share a URL with the participants. Don’t forget to share relevant links.

  • Search people in a room

In case you are in a room with 50+ participants, since you are on the mobile app you are forced to scroll to check a name. The “Search for someone within a room” feature is highly useful in this case and it’s free to use.

  • Hiding a room

In case your search results show irrelevant room names, users have the feature to hide a room they don’t want to see anymore. This is very easy to do just weather left to right swipe gesture.

  • Hand raising options

In case the moderator wants to manage the queue of hands raised by participants, she or he has the option to limit the hand raise function only to members of the club or two users that the speakers currently follow.

  • Topic directory

In order to discover faster clubs and users that are active on Clubhouse, the app developers introduced over 150 topics that can be chosen.

  • Add your interests feature

It is very helpful in order to find topics that are more interesting for you. Are user can add as many interests as possible which can be reviewed later without any constraints.

  • Club search

It is very easy to find a club on the Clubhouse app. All a user has to do for this purpose is to click on the magnifier icon.

  • Moderation options

Moderators on Clubhouse have a few important tools at hand, like viewing someone’s profile before inviting them to speak, user blocking and reporting.

  • Topics

The best way to find a relevant room in the app is to select the topics first. Topics feature works like a segmentation option, shortening the time a user might spend looking for interesting rooms.

  • Music mode

Although Clubhouse is about talking, the developers have launched from the early beginnings a Music mode feature for people that are playing an instrument or singing in that respective room. The audio quality improves in order to support that performance. Now, this feature is delivered by the Audio quality switching option.

  • Name change

Clubhouse is for people that are using real names, so if someone creates an account with a fake name or an alley yes they can do this correction but only once.

If you click on your username you have two options: to correct your legal name (which can be performed only once) and to have a creator alias.

  • Send invitations feature for regular users

Anybody that wants to invite their friends or contacts can use this feature only if they allow the app to have access to their contact list on their mobile phone.

  • Integrate social media accounts

You can connect your Twitter and Instagram account to Clubhouse app actions with just a few taps.

  • Add to calendar

At the very top of the home feed, you have the upcoming events. By taping on an event you will see the time and the date, the organizers, and also have the sharing and the tweet options, the copy URL icon and Add to calendar. Because the app is available only on iOS, you have the option to add to Google calendar or Apple calendar if you have added an account on your phone for each platform.

clubhouse app features room options

  • People available to chat

In the bottom right corner, you have the icon to see who is available to chat. For each of these names, you have the option to view their details by tapping on their profile pictures but also a one-click feature to create a private room with that user.

clubhouse app chat features people available to chat

A final take on Clubhouse app features

The app is on an accelerated path of increasing the user base so we should expect every week for new features to be launched, for bug corrections but also for new platforms.