Author: Stroe Stefan


Into Weiker’s jewelery workshop

Here’s a set of pictures I’ve taken into Horatiu Weiker’s workshop in Cluj (Romania), the place where the artist crafts his beautiful copper & silver

Hidden Frog

A frog’s resurrection

While moving some bricks nearby the terrace, this frog popped up. It was looking a bit like a zombie, but after a few minutes, it

Lava Pig

Lava piggy: Extreme sunburn

This (initially orange) pet toy had a really tough life. First, the dog played with it and chewed its legs. Afterward, we left it a


A bug’s Swedish buffet

This flower-loving flying bug showed us its green metallic reflections in the sun. It made a really nice contrast with the white flower he landed

Romanian Priest Wood Knock

Drumming practice pad

This is a religious ritual in some Romanian Orthodox monasteries, in which priests beat with two wooden hammers a big wooden board. This ritual reminds

Praying Mantle

Praying mantis lunch time

The praying mantis, one of the rarest insects we’ve met in our garden is always majestic. If you have the camera and macro lenses at


I am a tornado

This fun toy with a twisting mechanism is extremely fun to play with. The way it moves once it’s twisted, reminded me of a tornado.

Afgan Girl

Afgan girl: Time lapse

You probably remember Sharbat Gula, the famous Afgan girl and the fact that nobody knew her name, not even the famous photographer Steve McCurry, which

Frog on the fence

Frog wisdom

A very brave frog climbed our 2m tall wooden fence. It was very relaxed and waited patiently for me to take a few close shots.

National Museum

Aztec coolness

This is one of the most remarkable Aztec art pieces I have seen in The British Museum.


BMW Munich HQ

An impressive view of the BMW headquarters in Munchen, Germany. The ultimate driving machine has the HQ it deserved.

Disney Paris

Disney’s charisma

One of the entrances at Disney World in Paris, captured at sunset. I changed a bit the colors to amplify Mikey’s central role in this

National Museum

Equidistant point of view

This is a very impressive metal sculpture displayed at The British Museum. Its empty eyes transmit immovability and made me think that if it were

Paris coffee

Cafés Richard: Passion in Paris

Cafés Richard, one of the emblematic coffee French brands branded a small Parisian cafe where I enjoyed a mouth-watering cappuccino. The poster placed between the

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